2021.04.17 Patch Notes

- Started another pass on the scoring system. The most notable difference is that activities and feats are worth more the further from Relica you are.

- Started updating /help with some of the recently added commands. There are still quite a few missing.

- Added some Hot New Content at varying levels of completion

- Added a confirmation window for forgetting spells

- Added a few new quality of life commands:

--- /loglength (number) which to control the number of older messages kept in the game log. The default is 50, and setting a lower value could improve game performance.

--- /sortcontainer sorts the contents of a targeted container alphabetically.

--- /sortcontainers sorts the contents of all containers on the map alphabetically.

--- /sorthere sorts the contents of the tile where you stand alphabetically.

--- /sortall executes all of the above sort commands in addition to /sort which sorts your inventory alphabetically. It should be noted that the target list will still prioritize distance over alphabetical sorting.

--- /dropsame which will drop all items in your inventory that have a matching item on the same tile. If you are standing on an empty tile, this command will do nothing. Can also be done with /ds and /dropalike.

- Animals can now be tracked over water.

- Workbenches now repair party members items in addition to your own.

- Handing items to NPCs will now place the items in their inventories if their hands are full.

- Bumping into party members will now interrupt their action and cause them to switch places with you.

- Local waypoints now have letters which can be used to reference them in commands

- Number keys 1-9 now execute the corresponding entries when viewing /spells and /waypoints.

- Upon taking an item, the game will now attempt to target whatever new item is at the same index instead of resetting to the first item on the Nearby Targets list.

- Clicking party members on the /party window now brings up the same options as clicking them them on the Targets list

- Reordered some mouse meu items in order to lower the chances of accidentally performing some detrimental actions 

- Fixed a bug with traders not working as intended

- Fixed a longstanding issue with autocomplete unexpectedly inserting undesired commands when typing quickly

- Fixed an issue with minions of NPC allies not properly re-partying with the NPC if the NPC was dismissed by the player

- Fixed a bug with the /throw command which often caused thrown items to hit the wrong target

- Fixed a crash caused by ascending staircases

- Fixed a bug which prevented Bleeding from working as intended on dashing and jumping entities

- Fixed a bug which allowed dashing while exhausted

- Fixed an issue with the /approach command not keeping the same target under certain circumstances

- Fixed an issue with certain NPCs having more weapons in their inventories than intended

- Fixed a few recipes with deprecated ingredients

- Mostly fixed the broken /borderlesstiles command

- Optimizations


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