Patch Notes

- Added animal track information to the /look command which can be helpful at the beginning of the game
- Added more sound effects
- Stepping on terrain with tracks now makes a slightly different sound
- Workbenches no longer have a /deposit interaction
- Changed the desktop version to a resizable window instead of fullscreen. The ingame toggle between the two is currently broken.
- Fixed some broken interactions caused by the new item transfer window
- Fixed a bug which caused workbenches to produce incorrect items if bonus components were added
- Fixed a bug where quest abandonment could cause the deletion of relevant areas
- Fixed a bug with partied animal riders getting their mounts stuck in limbo
- Fixed a bug with inventory indexing which probably led to several problems

Known Issues:

- Scrollbars displaying on Mac client
- Map zoom issues at certain screen resolutions
- Runic Chisels - If you know the steps to replicate, please share in #bug-reports!
- Bugged items after rebirth - If you know the steps to replicate, please share in #bug-reports!


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