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Wrestle honey badgers! Start a cat collection! Ride grizzly bears! FARA is a roguelike that runs in your browser and has over 60 classes, a never-ending supply of dungeons, and countless secrets. The goal of the game is to collect enough Key Fragments to complete the Astral Key. Fragments can be found in many places - the depths of dangerous dungeons, the bottoms of lakes, or even in the pockets of unwitting strangers.  Most notable actions in the game add to a score, and when you die, your score is added to a persistent total that unlocks new options the next time you play. FARA is in the alpha stage, and is very buggy. Feedback and bug reports are appreciated!

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Bug reports are particularly helpful at this stage since they have the nasty tendency to stop the game dead in its tracks.

FARA is updated every day for months at a time until I eventually burn out and take a break.


Use the [ Arrow Keys ] to move, press [ Tab ] to cycle through targets, [ e ] to interact, [ a ] to attack, and [ t ] to take things. If command lines and shortcuts aren't really your thing, you can use the mouse to do just about everything. There's way more to FARA, but that should be enough to get you killed started.

Good luck out there, travelers!


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