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Wrestle honey badgers! Start forest fires! Ride grizzly bears as a beekeeper! FARA is a text-based roguelike that runs in your browser and has over 60 classes, a never-ending supply of dungeons, and countless secrets. The goal of the game is to collect enough Key Fragments to complete the Astral Key. Fragments can be found in many places - the depths of dangerous dungeons, the bottoms of lakes, or even in the pockets of unwitting strangers.  Most notable actions in the game add to a score, and when you die, your score is added to a persistent total that unlocks new options the next time you play. FARA is in the alpha stage, and is buggy as hell. Feedback and bug reports are desired and encouraged!

Discord (https://discord.gg/FEp52yj)

Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/fara/)

Twitter (https://twitter.com/PlayFARA)

Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/playfara)

Email (support@playfara.com)

Bug reports are particularly helpful at this stage since they have the nasty tendency to stop the game dead in its tracks.

The web and desktop versions of FARA are updated a few times a week.


Use the [ Arrow Keys ] to move, press [ Tab ] to cycle through targets, [ e ] to interact, [ a ] to attack, and [ t ] to take things. There's way more to FARA, but that should be enough to get you killed started. Collect 10 Key Fragments to save the world! 

Latest Patch - 2019.01.12

- Added a /salvageall command to salvage/butcher everything in your immediate area. The command will show in the Quick Actions menu when applicable, and can also be done with /salvage all, /butcher all, and /butcherall.
- Added a little more variety to dungeon monsters
- Added stat-altering prefixes and applied them to certain monsters
- Increased the Rune Dust cost of Masterwork Tools to 30.
- Reduced the chances of getting a masterwork quality item from non-masterwork chests
- Rebalanced the difficulty of dungeon monsters. They should be just a tad easier if you're prepared, and much harder if you aren't.
- Slowed down spell animations a bit so they're easier to notice
- The Quick Actions menu will no longer suggest that you try communing with dead people
- Fixed a bug that caused certain NPCs to stand still and do nothing regardless of what was happening to or around them
- Fixed a bug that caused enemies in dungeons to be void of elemental properties
- Fixed a bug that prevented the target list from clearing when blinded.
- Fixed a few instances of the game not autoscrolling the log when there are new messages


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