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A browser roguelike with over 60 classes and endless adventure · By BrianIsCreative


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2021.01.24 Patch Notes
- Reduced the amount of Hero's Medals earned from most sources and increased their general value - Grabs can now be attempted at any range, though they are stil...
2021.01.22 Patch Notes
- Added a /tooltip or /tt command to display mouse tooltip information about your target in the game log. Specifying text (i.e. /tt shovel) will search through...
2021.01.21 Patch Notes
- When fast traveling, you will now be prompted when one of your vitals lowers to a point which could be fatal. This is on by default, and can be toggled with...
2021.01.16 Patch Notes
- Adjusted Scoundrel: --- Reduced health from Average to Below Average --- Attacks and spells directed at Scoundrels are now COMPLETELY redirected to live, sent...
2021.01.15 Hotfix
- Fixed a crash caused by Elemancer's Attunement ability - Fixed an issue with unresponsive commands after switching maps...
2021.01.15 Patch Notes
- Made a handful of optimizations which should make the game feel a little snappier - Made some adjustments to input handing which will hopefully alleviate the...
2021.01.12 Patch Notes
- Added character /presets for quick character generation. Typing /savepreset after creating a character will save their name, class, and description for quick...
2021.01.08 Patch Notes
- Improved arrow key input handling. There is no longer a delay when changing directions, and two keys may be pressed simultaneously for diagonal movement. - Fi...
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