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A browser roguelike with over 60 classes and endless adventure · By BrianIsCreative


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2019.05.22 Patch Notes
- Made some adjustments to the starting area - Moved the first settlement further away from the starting area - Increased the frequency of landmarks and rivers...
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2019.05.20 Patch Notes
The first public alpha for FARA was released one year ago today! I can't put into words how grateful I am to everyone who's taken the time to try FARA out and p...
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2019.05.17 Patch Notes
Class adjustments: - Artificer: --- Increased the durability cost of triggered spellgrafted items --- Removed the stamina cost of triggering spellgrafted items...
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2019.05.16 Patch Notes
Made some class adjustments: - Beekeeper: --- Fixed a crash caused by Scouting Bees - Bloodweaver: --- Fixed another edge case which could cause Sigils of Blood...
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2019.05.13 Patch Notes
NOTE: This patch corrects a rampant error introduced in, and updating is necessary in order to continue regular play. - Added a little more flair and...
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2019.05.12 Patch Notes
- Bloodweaver: --- Reduced the damage of Sigil of Blood --- Fixed a bug which allowed multiple Blood Pacts to be active --- Blood Pact can now only be cast on s...
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2019.05.11 Patch Notes
- Added a new class, the Bloodweaver! Unique Ability: Hemophiliancy - Bloodweavers have access to the Blood Pact spell which places a Sigil of Blood on a target...
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2019.05.10 Patch Notes
This build contains critical bug fixes, and updating is strongly recommended. - Narrowed the number of scenarios in which /give is offered as a Quick Action opt...
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