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A browser roguelike with over 60 classes and endless adventure · By BrianIsCreative


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2018.11.16 Patch Notes
- Added a few more starting recipes - Reduced party size from 5 to 4. Commanders may have 5 member parties. - Reduced the health of Mercenaries slightly - Entit...
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2018.11.15 Patch Notes
- Fixed a game-crippling crash caused by a very silly typo. If you experienced a crash in the last day and the game no longer runs, this was why. Opening the ga...
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2018.11.13 Patch Notes
- The Constitution stat now grants a chance to completely negate stunning effects. - Increased the capacity of most bags by about 50% - Adjusted the known start...
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2018.11.12 Patch Notes
- Adjusted Spelunker. They now have a 100% chance to recover items from Supply Crates and Supply Barrels. - Added "Most Fragments Held" to the character window...
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2018.11.11 Hotfix
- Fixed an error with the desktop builds that prevented the game from loading
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2018.11.11 Patch Notes
- When your character dies or retires, their fragment score on the leaderboard is now the highest number of fragments they acquired. - All waypoints are now tra...
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2018.11.10 Patch Notes
- Added a new quest type! - Adjusted Kung Fu Master. Special Ability: Fluid Movement - While unarmed, Kung Fu Masters have a chance to redirect incoming attacks...
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2018.11.09 Patch Notes
- Added Burlap Backpack as a starting recipe - Updated Quick Actions logic to show more relevant options - Items you don't have enough materials to make are now...
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