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A browser roguelike with over 60 classes and endless adventure · By BrianIsCreative


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2019.03.23 Patch Notes
- Added 2 new landmarks/scenarios - Added rarity values to the different landmarks. In practice, this means that landmarks like Shrines aren't as likely to show...
4 files
2019.03.17 Patch Notes
- Artificers can now use Arcane Obelisks and Shards to upgrade the spells on their items - Elemental summons no longer retaliate against their summoners for any...
4 files
2019.03.15 Patch Notes/Hotfix
- Made some substantial changes to spellcrafting: --- The minimum number of runes required to make a spell has been reduced from 3 to 2. --- The maximum number...
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2019.03.13 Patch Notes
- Added a new encounter type - Added a few new enemy types - Slightly reduced the chances of running into encounters in settlements - Adjusted the amount of Run...
4 files
2019.03.11 Patch Notes
- Targets on the map can now be clicked to open their context menus - Added more missing interactions to the mouse menu, including drinking from rivers - Added...
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2019.03.10 Patch Notes
- Added an /inventory command which lists off what you own. Intended for the UI-less adventurers out there. - Changed the Kunoichi class a bit. Ability - Lotus...
4 files
2019.03.08 Patch Notes
- Added the ability to set/disarm traps from the mouse menu - Added some backstory elements for players who choose a random character description - Entering ste...
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2019.03.05 Patch Notes
- Added worn/held indicators to the party section of the /compare window - Fixed an issue that could cause the autocomplete feature of certain browsers to break...
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