2021.01.01 Patch Notes

- Removed the Sitting and Prone stances. Abilities and circumstances which triggered Prone now do other things like causing knockbacks or Daze.
- The Dazed effect now increases damage taken in addition to lowering Strength and Insight.
- Rebalanced weapon damage calculations to make larger, slower melee weapons more viable
- Reworked Jesters: "Jesters are immune to stumbling after missed heavy attacks, instead gaining Opportunity which refunds the stamina cost of their next action. Additionally, dancing uses less stamina and restores mood and stamina to party members."
- Elemancers can now pull elements from various effects afflicting their target, such as gaining fire attunement from burning entities.
- Added /listexits command which details the distance and direction of the closest exit to leave a local map
- The /listitems command now notes inventory capacity and current load.
- Reduced the average amount of flavor text when traveling on the world map
- With /highdetail enabled, a change in compass direction will produce a log message.
- You can now specify a number after /split to determine the amount of items in one of the resulting stacks.
- NPCs now make better use of food items they are holding.
- Fixed a crash caused by NPCs attempting to learn spells from Tomes
- Fixed several instances of TTS cutting off earlier than expected


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