2021.01.12 Patch Notes

- Added character /presets for quick character generation. Typing /savepreset after creating a character will save their name, class, and description for quick re-creation when starting a new run. You can have up to 5 presets saved, and can remove them with /clearpreset.
- Added /grab and /choke actions
- Added an /editdescription command which pulls your character description into the command line, allowing you to make changes without having to type your entire desciption over again.
- All entities are now subject to the same encumbrance rules as the player. This means if any of your party members are encumbered, you will not be able to travel on the world map.
- Fixed misaligned animations caused by the recent map size increase.
- Fixed an issue where auto-move could get stuck if the game window loses focus
- The Unconscious effect is now interrupted by damage. 


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