2021.02.06 Patch Notes

- Added a /bigmap layout, which shifts some interface elements around to accommodate a much larger, centralized mini(?)map. Enabling this layout will also trigger some other interface changes which can be controlled individually:
--- /reverselog which switches the direction and order of game log messages. The most recent event will be at the top.
--- /objectivewindow which is a new window in the upper left for tracking active quests
--- /widescreen and /screenwidth will not work with /bigmap enabled. If you are playing on a lower resolution screen, you may need to zoom out with [Ctrl] + [-] to see the game log below the map.
- Adjusted Plague Doctor: The negative conditions they spread now affect targets for twice the duration of the original effect
- Replaced several chest types with more generous versions
- Certain scenarios now scale in physical size based on distance from Relica. Dungeons, for instance, get much larger the further out you are.
- Adjusted auto-targeting to favor entities that aren't nearby party members
- You can now dig holes in settlements
- Entities with innate elemental properties now trigger elemental effects with unarmed heavy attacks
- Lowered base bag capacity and increased the capacity gains from materials and quality
- The character window is now available after death with [ c ]
- The Curio modification window no longer lists items that already have that curio
- The fishing action is now interrupted by attacks
- Added an option to the /rest confirmation screen to rest until the next morning
- Added and updated some animations
- Removed Rune of Darkvision
- /increasefont and /decreasefont now only affect the game log, and not the entire interface.
- /inspect now reads out the specific capacity of bags
- Fixed an issue with certain groups of NPCs not being partied together as intended
- Fixed an issue which caused the Attack Confirmation dialogue to pop up when attacking corpses
- Fixed a pretty massive oversight with how stats were calculated under certain conditions
- Fixed SO MANY issues and bugs with the titan encounter
- Fixed a few issues with mouse menu actions such as Grab not showing up as options when they should
- Fixed some minor display issues with /map cutting off the top or bottom of the displayed map
- Fixed more instances of TTS cutting off


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Why does the web version not work anymore? Always get an error in the dev tools console.


Are you trying to load an older save? As is often the case, old saves aren't compatible with newer versions. If that wasn't the case, it would be really helpful if you joined the Discord and post some details of the issue, or email me at support@playfara.com.