2021.02.09 Patch Notes

- Harvested plants now slowly regenerate over time.
- The /drop command now defaults to inventory items instead of held items
- Restored /screenshake to its former glory
- Scaled down the map size when /bigmap is enabled to show more of the game log
- Removed several redundant weapon types
- Replaced the myriad of repair kits with a single item called a Repair Kit
- All settlements now have warehouses
- Re-added the accidentally deleted auto-loot setting
- Fixed an issue with resting until morning jumping ahead too far when performed at certain times
- Fixed a huge bug with /sort that caused it to mangle up all kinds of game data
- Fixed a bug which caused offhand ranged attacks to use the attack power of the mainhand weapon
- Fixed issue with missing log message for dropped items
- Fixed several display issues with the gamelog
- Fixed /reverselog not working as it should
- Fixed a crash caused by chakrams and other weapons with similar heavy attacks


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