2021.02.13 Patch Notes

- Removed several unfinished settlement facilities. They will make a return when they actually do something. For now, every settlement has the same 5 facilities, and they are always in the same style of building.
- Finished the Warehouse facility
- Added a /recipe 'itemname' command which lists the components of a specified known recipe. Can also be performed with /rcp.
- Added a /deletetitle command for permanently removing earned titles from the /factions window
- Added 'Repair' as a mouse menu option when possible
- Updated castle Nobles to fall more in line with the quest behavior of settlement Elders. One notable difference is that the completion or failure of noble quests will affect faction reputation. For now, the quest types are the same ones you know and love, with the goal of having faction-specific quest types in the future.
- Inspecting bags now unlocks recipes for the next size/type of bag.
- The /repair command can now utilize Repair Kits on the ground as long as they're within reach.
- Made unknown landmarks more obvious when traversing the world map
- If you've been having input issues and have a game controller connected to your computer, you may now use /ignorecontrollers to (hopefully) fix any problems.
- Typing '/inspect all' will now inspect all items on your target list. Each inspection still counts as a complete action, and the sequence will be interrupted if you take damage.
- Updated the criteria for which character deaths/retirements are announced on Discord
- The character sheet now properly shows attunements after death
- Fixed a long-standing issue with NPCs taking 1 more moment than the player to perform any action. The fix for the this was suspiciously easy, so I'm positive I've broken something. Let me know what you find!
- Fixed a bug which prevented Traders from working as intended
- Fixed a bug which prevented the /autosave setting from persisting after reload. Note, this is different from the forced saves that take place after certain game events. Forced saves cannot be disabled.
- Fixed several instances of jank looking fireworks when /bigmap is enabled
- Fixed several instances of map cursors lingering longer than they should
- Fixed an issue which prevented the manifestation of a second minor trait if you had a major trait
- Fixed an issue with cavern entities such as chests and nodes crowding the cavern entrance instead of being spread throughout the cavern.
- Fixed a game crash caused by the Giant Swing ability
- Fixed an issue with certain entities not showing up on the target list at the proper distances
- Fixed a bug which caused several craftable items to be described as 'wood' when they weren't
- So many optimizations


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