2018.05.27 Patch Notes

- Added a new class - Bodybuilder! Be amazed by their intense vascularity.
- Added a progression system for unlocking classes. All character deaths/retirements add to a point total based on how accomplished they were, and your total score determines how many classes you have access to on your next run. The hope is to not overwhelm new players with 50 classes to choose from. If you want to unlock everything, type /unlockclasses. This system is just a placeholder to get people to the fun stuff faster, and will likely change at some point.
- Added a little more life to settlements
- Added a few new tracked achievements
- /die has been renamed /retire.
- Reimplemented the blocking mechanic when trying to escape melee combat. Still needs a lot of work.
- Fixed a bug where certain class with high health could never achieve the "healthy" status.
- Fixed an issue with multiple settlements spawning in the same location.
- Fixed an issue with /trackwaypoint crashing the game 
- Fixed a bug that caused most damage sources to interrupt actions without fail
- Fixed a big that caused summons to persist in the world after death
- Fixed a bug that cause allied summons to cannibalize each other
- Fixed a bug that prevented items from being generated from delivery quests
- Fixed a bug that prevented "tracked on map" text from showing
- Fixed a bug that caused the visible target radius to be too small in buildings
- Fixed repeat messages for items hitting the ground
- Fixed a bug with thrown items not leaving the thrower's hand
- Fixed more instances of attacks doing zero damage when they shouldn't
- Fixed crates and barrels not dropping anything ever in dungeons
- The increased chance to interrupt moving targets has been removed.
- The accuracy pentality for attacking moving targets has been increased.
- Updated the AI logic so they can take advantage of spells they might know
- Updated hostile AI logic in several important ways, most notable of which are that attackers do a better job of pursuing their targets when outdoors, and will approach their target if they run out of ranged attack options.
- Changed the way interrupt chance is calculated on moving targets. It's now much harder for smaller entities to stop larger entities from moving.


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