2018.05.31 Patch Notes

- Added a /scrollbars command to toggle scrollbar visibility.
- Added a few more spells including SCORPION PULL which drags your target kicking and screaming to your location
- Changed parry mechanics - parrying attacks no longer deals damage. Instead, successfully parried attacks will add action recovery time to the parried attacker, similar to stumbling after a failed dodge.
- Changed shield block chance to be dependant on the size of the shield
- Lowered the chance to interrupt actions with attacks
- Updated some incorrect language around stumbling
- Fixed a bug that stopped dodge results from displaying if you didn't have a target
- Fixed a bug with '/setclass random' picking from the entire class pool instead of what's available
- Fixed a bug that caused entities to have an excessive delay between persuing targets outdoors and attacking them
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to accept additional bounty board objectives by pressing [ Z ] even after they've moved away from the board
- Re-Reverted /autokeys to be on by default


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