Public Alpha 2 is LIVE!

- Added a leaderboard! It can be accessed with /leaderboard, and will show you the score of your 20 most accomplished characters. You can clear the leaderboard with /clearleaderboard.
- Added /push command. Pushing sentient targets can knock them to the ground, granting combat advantages. Pushing other objects can uncover secrets.
- Added ranges to spells and abilities
- Fixed a game crash caused by allies following the player
- Increased class-based stat bonuses by 100%
- Enabled /help command during character creation
- Removed the experience system
- Removed respawning
- Reduced inventory capacity by 40%
- Animals can no longer parry
- Changed window close shortcut from [ Esc ] to [ X ]
- Changed detarget shortcut from [ X ] to [ Z ]


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