2018.06.03 Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug with the default /throw shortcut opening the waypoint window
- Fixed some messaging bugs with entites falling alseep near the player
- Fixed a bug that prevented hostile targets from pursiung the player if the player was moving
- Fixed a bug that allowed objects to burn in water
- Renamed /stickytargeting to /smarttargeting and changed the way it works. Smart targeting will attempt to target the closest object to you after you move, and will keep your current target if the target is hostile.
- Fixed a game crash caused by inspecting items that required required wooden dowels to craft
- Fixed a bug that allowed non-sentient entities to verbally protest being stolen from
- Fixed a bug that allowed non-sentient entites to be stolen from in the first place
- Made faded text slightly less faded
- Ending a spoken statement with an exclamation mark will now convert it to a shout
- Shouting will now wake up sleeping entities


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