2018.6.06 Patch Notes

- Added a /glossary command. It's pretty sparse at the moment, but it will attempt to provide information about items, classes, spells and terminology. For instance, '/glossary stumble' will explain how the stumble mechanic works. Can also be done with /lu.
- Added another possible threat to sleeping outdoors - instead of being always being awoken by something with murderous intent, there is now a chance they'll just quietly steal some of your things and leave.
- Added a cuter game crash message so people might be less upset
- The game will now attempt to save your character score if it crashes
- Changed Demon Slayer's ability from increased chance to avoid magical attacks to chance to resist all damage from magical attacks
- Changed part of Fishmonger's ability from attracting fish while swimming to a strength and dexterity bonus while swimming
- Changed Soldier's ability to include a consitution bonus which scales with the number of nearby hostile targets
- Changed Chef's ability to be based on prepared meals instead of organic items
- Changing positions in combat now takes longer, and changing from prone to any position now takes twice as long
- /squat has been removed, and all squatting references have been changed to crouching
- Waypoints given by quests will now automatically clear out upon quest completion
- Removed faded map effect from unexplored areas
- Fixed a bug with window sizing on startup
- Fixed a bug the prevented the Blessing spell from applying Ward when self-cast
- Fixed a bug that prevented crafting from making the proper amount of tiny non-stackable items
- Fixed display bug on the waypoints screen when standing next to waypoint
- Fixed a display bug with NPC Constables falling asleep
- Fixed a bug that tracked waypoints on quest aquisition regardless of quest type
- Fixed a bug with /sc not properly triggering /selfcast
- Fixed some verbiage around eating


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