2018.06.07 Patch Notes

- Added elemental items! If you find and /use an Essence of Fire/Water/Air etc. while holding something, you will imbue your held item with the power of that element. Wearing infused armor will provide protection from that element's effects, and attacking with infused weapons will cause various effects. Infused items have a color-coded + at the end of their names.
- Added an additional benefit to Fortune Tellers - sneak attacks against them do not gain an accuracy bonus.
- Changed Reaper's ability from a damage bonus against injured targets to a strength and intelligence boost when near a dying target
- Increased Spelunker's chance to find supplies in crates and barrels in dungeons
- Changed the reward symbol from a blue + to a blue !
- Added a character display limit to target names in the nearby list
- Killed targets will now be set to the prone position
- (Actually) added /e as an acceptable shortcut for /use
- Re-added the way point hint at the start of the game
- Items in and around the starting area now generate upon character creation instead of before
- Fixed a bug with the order of operations during attacks which revealed the attacking entity before calculating all stealth-related bonuses. Attacking from stealth should be more consistent and worthwhile.


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