2018.06.08 Patch Notes

- This patch contains the first part of some engine optimizations I'm hoping will improve performance over extended play sessions. The game will attempt to offload less interesting areas when the player moves far enough away. Expect crashes and weird stuff.
- Reworked the Blacksmith class. New ability: Forgeborn - Metal objects crafted by Blacksmiths are three times as durable. Additionally, Blacksmiths are healed instead of damaged by fire.
- Potentially fixed a display issue with the game window being too large for the itch.io frame and cutting off the right side unless fullscreened. I wasn't able to recreate the issue, so if you were having this problem and it's fixed, I'd love to know!
- Increased chance of finding supplies from crates and barrels
- Updated contents of the starting shed to show off a few more game mechanics


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