2018.06.09 Bug Fixes

- Made some HUGE structural changes to the way the engine stores and retrieves  map information. The game shouldn't slow down as much if you choose to travel great distances.
- Made more performance improvements related to the passage of time. Actions across the board should be a little snappier. In my brief testing, '/wait 12 hours' completed in less than a second, compared to over 5 seconds from the previous build. 
- Reworked the Tailor class. New ability: A Cut Above - Textiles created by Tailors are three times as durable. Additionally, Tailors deal substantial damage to the armor of enemies while attacking.
- Cat Whisperers can now talk to cats.
- Added eating/drinking actions to the list of actions which are immediately interrupted  by attacks
- Stopped enemies from spawning by the player when the game starts
- [ Shift + E ] now works for attempting to eat your target.
- Dead entities are no longer classified as sentient.
- Fixed a bug which prevented [ Shift + A ] from functioning as a heavy attack
- Fixed a bug that caused Blacksmiths to heal from all damage EXCEPT fire. My bad.


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