2018.06.12 Patch Notes

- Started rolling out a new targeting system. When you use /throw, you will now be presented with a cursor you can control with the arrow keys to select an area. Press [ Enter ] to throw the item to the selected area, or [ X ] to cancel. Once the kinks are ironed out, this system will be expanded to things like spellcasting.
- Changed the way /throw works to behave more like /give - You will now only throw one item at a time if you're holding a stack of them.
- Crafting items with elemental materials will now imbue the new item with that element. If there are multiple elements used, one will be chosen at random.
- Added a chance for stolen items to have elemental properties
- Fixed a ton of bugs around digging and the underground.
- Fixed a bug that prevented /use (number) from working on items in the player's inventory</p>


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