2018.06.13 Patch Notes

- Added custom keybindings! This has been the most requested feature so far, and it's finally ready (enough) to be released. You can set custom commands to the lowercase and uppercase versions of all lettered keys with /setkey (key) (command). For example, typing '/setkey m dance' would set the [ m ] key to /dance. You can see all the keybindings with /keybindings, and reset them with /resetkeys. Custom bindings should persist between runs.
- Added /open as new and preferred option for /empty. /open will open chests, or empty out containers if there's something inside. /interact will still open chests the way it did before.
- Added a few new spells that take advantage of the new targeting mechanic
- Added a new quest type - Rescue. It's hard.
- Changed armor/weapon crates to armor/weapon chests, and made them mechanically the same as other chests, meaning there are different rarities, and the Adventurer's loot bonus counts toward the reward.


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