2018.06.15 Patch Notes

- Fixed a bug with entities not falling prone when sleeping
- Fixed a bug which prevented bonuses from added to the chance to successfully push something over. Pushing should no longer fail against disabled targets.
- Fixed a bug with Jester's Comedic Tumble which caused it to damage the Jester instead of their target
- Fixed a bug with Cat Whisperers that prevented cats from spawning
- Actually fixed the lighting bug when standing on a dungeon door tile. For real this time.
- Changed Jester's Comedic Tumble to happen whenever they stumble instead of just after failing a dodge
- Started changing the logic around hostility. The one notable player-facing change is that allies should no longer be flagged as hostile when hit by something that isn't the player.
- Allies should be a little better about ending their murderous rampages once their friends are safe.
- Compacted the keybinding window
- Increased the durability of trees
- Charisma now increases your chances of getting rare quest rewards
- When applicable, the death screen will now specify the profession of whatever killed you.
- Wrestlers no longer suffer defensive penalties when prone.
- Reduced the maximum health of Rift Dancer summons
- Reduced the stamina and health of Tourists


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