2018.06.16 Patch Notes

- Animals no longer automatically drop raw meat when killed. They must now be butchered by attacking the corpse with a sharp object. The raw meat yield is based on the size of the target, and is generally higher than before.
- Fixed a bug that caused every crafted item to have a random element regardless of the materials used
- Fixed a bug that prevented waterskins and other liquid containers from fully emptying
- Fixed a bug that caused mounts to attack
- Potentially fixed a slowdown/crash caused by viewing a bounty board after completing a few quests
- Added some descriptive text to eating/biting large, inorganic items
- Cleaned up some interactions around pushing over mounts and mounted targets
- Mounted entities will no longer attempt chase fleeing targets
- Entities renamed by the player will now display their original title when inspected


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Will you develop a save system, and maybe, ultimately an auto save system? I'm playing and suddenly the tab crashed, and everything is just lost. Such a deep RPG game with great concepts like this, even with perma-death, needs a solid game continuation assisting feature to help players explore the full depth of it. So I really hope that you can add that in as soon as possible. Thank you for this great game and keep on developing! 


A save feature is going to be added to the offline version of FARA which will be available to supporters in the future. I wish I could provide an ETA, but there's too much to hammer out system-wise before I can start thinking about how to properly save all the needed information. 

Thanks for your feedback and encouragement. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the game!