Public Alpha Build 3 is LIVE!

- Found and fixed a HUGE reason for performance slowdown and crashing after messing around in towns. Hopefully this was the issue causing so many people grief. Please drop me a line if it helped! This fix is so big I'm bumping up the game's version number because why not.
- Added additional benefits to Kunoichi. They no longer use any stamina to jump OR dodge, and will remain stealthed if their stealth attack kills the target.
- Added additional benefit to Demon Slayer. They now deal damage when interrupting spells.
- Added some description text to /inspect to let Kensais know when something is ready for a showdown.
- A message is now displayed when sentient beings search their surroundings.
- Shrine Offerings have been removed. Ancient Shrines must now be filled with elemental items.
- Attacks from allied fighters now show up in light blue instead of red.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the player to occasionally start with more spells than intended
- Fixed a bug that stacked typically unstackable items together when thrown
- Fixed a bug that caused the corpses of summoned beings to hang around instead of vanish.
- Fixed a bug that caused allies created via the Animate spell to occasionally attack each other
- Fixed a bug that could cause animated buildings to vanish when attempting to enter themselves. There's still some wonkiness here, but hopefully only edge cases remain.
- Fixed a bug that would cause humans to occasionally shout "5!" when assaulted instead of saying words. Will re-add if there is player demand.
- Fixed a bug that prevented map cells from darkening at night
- Players are now presented with a slightly different end screen if they /retire instead of die.
- Using /take will attempt to keep your cursor position on the list instead of always resetting to the first option
- Dancing no longer instantly makes strangers your allies
- Changed the way the Foresight and Insight buffs are calculated to make them fall inline with other conditional stat bonuses
- Reduced the duration of Fortune Teller's Foresight


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