2018.06.20 Patch Notes

- Added /kick. Kicks do not deal damage, but are fast and have a high chance to disrupt your target's attacks and spells. The default shortcut is [ k ].
- Added /carry. Carried objects go directly into your hands instead of attempting to fit in your inventory, and you can carry living (non-hostile) things. Carried things reduce movement speed based on their size, reduce passive ability to avoid attacks, and must be dropped before performing most actions.
- Added more sources of alcohol to the world
- Added a new NPC type - Elders! Elders keep their settlements safe and dispense riddles and rewards to inquisitive adventurers.
- Increased the supply drop rate of crates and barrels, and dramatically increased the amount of things you can find in them
- Reduced the number of Ambushers in the world and increased the number of Bandits
- Reduced the number of instances where wet things can burn
- Reduced the number of crates and barrels in dungeons
- Vomiting will now reduce the duration of intoxication.
- Charisma no longer reduces the duration of intoxication.
- If an entity is targeting the player, their action descriptions will no longer be faded.
- /draw has been added as a valid option for /hold.
- Entities will now fall prone immediately when put to sleep
- All fish are now classified as organic regardless of condition
- Wooden Barrels and Crates have been replaced by Supply Barrels and Crates.
- Crates and barrels are no longer craftable.
- Fixed some unintended behavior that allowed crates and barrels to hold items given to them by entities. Crates and barrels are only supposed to be for smashing open to get goodies.
- Fixed a bug that prevented Potions and Antidotes from applying their intended effects
- Fixed a bug that could cause quest duplication by typing /(number) after accepting a quest with the same number
- Fixed another performance degradation from opening menus
- Fixed a bug that caused Astral Chests to never disappear and grant infinite Key Fragments
- Suppressed the amount of "x looks around" messages. You now only see them if you are stealthed and can see entity.
- Pressing [ E ] or typing /interact on a potion or antidote will now immediately consume it.
- Entering a position (/crouch, /sit, etc) while already in that position will now cause you to stand.
- Took yet another stab at sorting out combat logic for allies. The last patch made them bloodthirsty monsters again, but I think I really fixed it this time maybe.


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