2018.06.22 Patch Notes

- Added additional benefit to Jesters - their Comedic Tumble now increases the mood of all nearby allies
- Added additional benefit to Brewmasters - they gain more health than other entities from drinking alcohol
- Added more descriptive text to the cooking action.
- Added a few more default keybindings and updated the /help menu
- Added some of the logic needed for NPCs to cast defensive spells
- Allies will now only sleep when they are exhausted or when they player sleeps
- Simplified cooking. You can now just type '/cook (item number/name)' to cook something in your inventory. You still need to be next to a viable cooking surface (like a campfire), but don't need to target it. You can still cook multi-ingredient meals via the old method of placing ingredients onto the cooking surface with /give, then typing /cook.
- Simplified bags and containers. Objects can no longer be placed directly in bags. Instead, wearing bags will increase your overall inventory capacity.
- Wearing a quiver now prevents ammunition from counting against your available inventory space.
- Interacting with a fresh water source while possessing a waterskin will fill the waterskin if you are not thirsty. Waterskins can hold 5 units, and Large Waterskins can hold 10.
- Decreased the amount of vegetation in the world
- Tweaked completion detection for rescue quests to (hopefully) be more reliable
- Animal Skin and Teeth have been removed as drops from kills, and are now acquired through butchering.
- Reduced the number of wearable items from 8 to 6
- Reduced the contribution of Strength to direct damage by 75%
- Reduced the chance to get a critical hit to a flat 5%
- Reduced the number of available quests on bounty boards from 10 to 5
- Increased the stats provided by most armor and weapons
- Dexterity and Constitution bonuses are now only applied from items that are worn, and no longer include items that are held.
- Stamina costs are now doubled if you are carrying items above your carrying capacity
- Elders will no longer give you riddles if you've attacked them or any of the people in their settlement.
- Moved /inspect to the action system, meaning that a little time passes when you do it, and it can be interrupted.
- /inspect now provides some information on how an item might affect your stats.
- Fixed a whole gang of bugs with eating things directly from the environment
- Fixed a bug where summoned allies of hostile NPCs where not visually flagged as hostile to the player
- Fixed a bug that caused the defense bonus granted from moving to be counted twice
- Fixed a bug introduced in the saved settings patch that broke the [ ` ] key for switching shortcut pages
- Fixed a bug that allowed certain targets to still see Illusionists after they'd vanished</p>\\\\


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