2018.06.23 Patch Notes

- Completely overhauled combat calculations and adjusted some mechanics. Quite a bit changed under the hood, but some observable highlights are:
--- A target's constitution is no longer factored in an attacker's chance to hit, and is now just for damage mitigation
--- Only heavy/high attacks have a chance to interrupt attacks
--- Holding a shield now gives you up to a 50% chance to block attacks based on shield size
--- Ranged weapons are more accurate
--- Chance to hit is capped at 95% (still 100% if the target is disabled or non-sentient), and chance to miss can't fall below 5%
--- Reduced the recovery penalty for failing a dodge by 50%
--- The environment and position play a larger roll in attack accuracy. Most notably, ranged attackers are more accurate when shooting objects at lower altitudes, and are also more accurate when kneeling.
- Added some stat information to /inspect descriptions
- Increased the number of Arcane Shrines in the world
- Increased the frequency at which ready combatants search their surroundings for threats.
- Prepared meals no longer drop items when destroyed
- Fixed a bug caused by using /interact on Dungeon Keys
- Fixed a bug that prevented rescue objectives from despawning when returned
- Fixed a bug that prevented Rift Dancer's summons from acting
- Fixed a bug with riddles that caused questions to be listed as possible answers
- Fixed an item drop error with Water Shamans
- Suppressed messages that take place when the player is asleep


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