2018.06.24 Patch Notes

- Added a /credits command to show off all the cool people who are shaping FARA
- Added additional benefit to Scholar - they no longer expend scrolls when casting their spells.
- Added illusions. High Wisdom scores allow one to see through them.
- Added name and profession to the death screen
- Added phatter loot to dungeons
- Rhapsodist's Touching Words now apply to all sentient life instead of only humans
- You can now include a name/number after /carry to pick up something without targeting it first
- Fixed a bug that would cause some Rift Dancer summons to spawn hostile
- Fixed a bug that would cause some Rift Dancer summons to spawn damaged
- Rift Dancer summons now have a chance to appear after spell casts in addition to regular attacks
- Fixed a bug that caused naturally hostile entities to attack their own summons
- Fixed a crash caused by resetting keybindings
- Fixed a bug the prevented the recipe window from displaying after inspecting silver items
- Fixed a display bug with the [ C ] keybinding
- Fixed a bug that stopped spell scrolls from disappearing after use
- Fixed a bug that prevented the rejuvenation effect from working as intended
- Fixed a bug that prevented items held by NPCs from being destroyed in some cases
- Fixed some display issues with riddles
- The recipe menu now informs you how many of a given item will be produced</p>


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