2018.06.25 Patch Notes

- Added additional benefit to Wrestler - they can now /carry hostile things. Dropping hostile targets will slam them to the ground.
- Added additional benefit to Alchemist - in addition to recovering materials from finishing blows, they now also have a chance to recover elemental essences which can be used on other items.
- Added additional benefit to Illusionists - they now have a 100% chance to successfully see through the illusions and disguises of others.
- Made digging underground a little more forgiving - caverns exits are now automatically generate when digging into a new cavern, and you can use them to exit instead of needing a rope.
- /climb has been changed. Instead of climbing to a higher area, /climb will now attempt to climb on top of whatever object you are targeting.
- Adjusted the way Rhapsodist's Touching Words success chance is calculated. It is now based on Charisma, and calming down naturally hostile targets is more difficult. Calming down normally passive targets that have become hostile is easier.
- Reduced the amount of clay items a potter can craft from a given area from 5 to 1.
- Fixed a visual bug that made dungeon boss doors look like dead ends.
- Fixed a bug that allowed certain unwanted encounters to spawn underground
- Made NPCs insomniacs instead of narcoleptics - they now prioritize most other actions above sleeping at night.
- Loosened the criteria for what can be carried.


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