2018.06.27 Patch Notes

- Rebalanced item rarities and reward chests. Big Chests and Grand Chests now have a better chance to provide more worthwhile rewards.
- Rebalanced material stats to have a more even stat spread at different rarities. Before, materials which increased intelligence and charisma were typically locked away at higher rarities.
- Intelligence now reduces the stamina costs of spells, and can reduce the cost by up to 80%. 
- Finished implementing masterworks. Crafting items under certain conditions has a chance to produce a masterwork version which is twice as durable, and offers twice the stat bonuses. Masterworks can be identified by the pink curly brackets around the name of the item.
- Fixed a bug that prevented spells from being learned if the tome was in your inventory
- Fixed a bug that allowed Mad Scientists to animate stacked items
- Fixed a bug with the Uglify spell which caused crashes and displayed text from another spell


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