2018.06.28 Patch Notes

- Added ~100 new craftable items!
- Added some new scenarios that don't require the player to accept a quest first. Help people in need and they'll occasionally show gratitude.
- Added the missing component needed to craft Rolls of Cotton
- Fixed a whole slew of bugs introduced by the rarity changes made in the last patch. There were several situations where the game attempted to look for rarity values that no longer existed. This affected bounty boards, stealing, and opening chests among other things.
- Fixed bug with /emote not triggering a UI update
- Fixed a bug that prevented most torch types from being lit.
- Attempting to wear multiples of the same kind of armor will now instead swap the items
- Casting offensive spells now has a chance to remove stealth. Dexterity decreases this chance.
- Made NPC's just a tad more conversational. They can now tell you where they're from.
= Encounters and settlements will no longer appear awkwardly close to the starting area.
- Removed signposts from the game. Talking to Scouts will now inform you of any nearby settlements. 


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