2018.06.29 Patch Notes

- Added additional benefit to Kung Fu Master - Fluid Movement now prevents them from being blocked while moving in addition to negating interruptions from attacks
- Added /wait to the list of acceptable actions that can be performed when carrying something
- Added /play which allows you to play any musical instrument in your hands. The benefits are similar to dancing, but it costs less stamina.
- Re-added log descriptions while the player is sleeping if they are the target of an NPC's action
- Added goggles
- Removed googles
- Entities that die from fire no longer have their items immediately destroyed
- Accepting delivery quests will now attempt to place the quest item in your inventory if there is room
- The amount of stamina Potters use to craft clay items is now relative to the size of the created item.
- Entities are no longer so quick to forgive other entities that have murdered their friends.
- If the player is sleeping, any action they take will now attempt to wake them up, hopefully addressing those rare instances where the player gets stuck sleeping.
- Fixed a(nother) bug that allowed encounters  to spawn indoors and underground
- Fixed a game crash caused by burning objects
- Fixed a bug that caused carried entities who struggled to essentially delete themselves from the existence
- Fixed a bug that prevented Earth Zealots from being cleansed by herbs
- Fixed crash caused by /emote


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