2018.06.30 Patch Notes

- Increased the base hit chance of all direct attacks by 25%
- Increased the amount of stamina used when attacked while guarding
- Added additional benefit to Duelist - the bonus damage they deal to unarmed targets has been increased by 100%, and they now have an innate bonus to parry chance.
- Added additional benefit to Ragamuffin - they now have a chance to automatically steal weapons they are hit with. They also have a better chance to steal weapons they are actively dodging.
- Added additional benefit to Gamestalker - they now have a chance to immobilize their targets when attacking at range.
- Added additional benefit to Fishmonger - they now receive their stat bonuses when swimming OR wet.
- Added additional benefit to Viking - /kick now has a chance to trigger their lightning. Additionally, their lightning strike chance is increased if the Viking is Injured, and increased even further if they are Dying.
- Added a few new hidden class abilities
- Removed the intelligence bonus from Tourists
- Removed stated Constitution bonus from Potter's ability description. This was never actually true.
- Removed the possibility of getting crates and barrels from crates and barrels
- Fixed an issue with weapon chests rewarding things other than weapons
- Fixed a bug the prevented players from selecting menu options if /showinput was enabled
- Destroyed items no longer offer stat bonuses
- Fixed a crash caused by dancing in settlements
- Fixed a bug that caused the Kung Fu Master's Fluid Movement to essentially have the opposite effect
- Fixed a bug that caused Mad Scientist creations to crash the game when moving
- Expanded the circumstances under which a Kensai's Samurai Showdown ability can be triggered to include all the ways an item can be drawn or held.
- Potions are now a craftable item</p>


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Jun 28, 2018


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