2018.07.01 Patch Notes

- Added more combat options for NPCs
- Added additional benefit to Yogi - the stat bonus they gain from each position has been increased by 300%
- Duelist's disarm chance is now triggered by successful parries instead of interrupts.
- Reduced the amount of healing Gatekeepers receive from blocking with a shield. The big boost recently given to shields and block chance made Gatekeepers nigh unkillable.
- Increased the damage bonus provided by Strength by 100%
- Fixed a bug that prevented Dervishes from properly transferring conditions when dancing
- Fixed a bug that prevented spellcasting NPCs from casting offensive spells as often as intended
- Capped the number of items a Mad Scientist can animate at 5. Animating more will deanimate the oldest ones.
- Made some tweaks to the way /hold behaves. If you are holding two items, typing /hold (name/number) will now swap out your first held item instead of saying you can't hold anything else.
- Cleaned up some of the messaging around parrying. You should no longer see entries claiming attacks hit the target when they were actually parried.


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