2018.07.03 Patch Notes

- Added more wild animal types
- Added guards to settlements
- Increased the stun duration of Kunoichi's heavy and stealth attacks by 100%
- Increased immobilize chance of Gamestalkers
- Increased stealing-related bonuses of Ragamuffin
- Increased the average quality of stolen items
- Changed the stealth duration provided by Illusionist's Now You See Me ability to 10 seconds.
- Reduced health of Gamestalkers
- Reduced health of Tourist
- Reduced the number of pre-generated settlements. This should have little to no impact on the number of settlements actually discovered during gameplay.
- Elders now reward scrolls and tomes, with the former being more common.
- A detected steal attempt is now treated like an attack, and is met with similar reactions.
- The stun duration of a heavy attack is now based on the size of the weapon used.
- Feeding animals now increases their stamina.
- Throwing liquids or containers of liquid will now make anything hit by it wet.
- Made some changes to overworld travel and mounts:
--- Mounted entities no longer use stamina while traveling, and instead will expend the stamina of the mount
--- Entities serving as mounts expend twice as much stamina to travel
--- Mounted entities now benefit from the speed of the mount. Basically, time, hunger, and thirst increase at a lower rate during mounted travel.
--- Mounted entities can no longer be stealthed. Attempting to stealth while mounted will dismount the entity. The current exception to this is the Illusionist's Now You See Me ability.
--- Mounted entities have an increased chance to escape combat, and a higher chance to avoid attacks while moving.
--- Traveling while stealthed now requires twice as much stamina
- Fixed crash caused by NPCs casting Flame Geyser.
- Fixed a bug that caused area-targeting spells to instantly fire at the caster's location when cast via scroll.
- Fixed a bug that prevented hunger and thirst from building at the same rate while traveling as they do when using /wait or /rest.
- Fixed a bug that prevented docile-turned-hostile entities from showing up on the map
- Fixed a bug that prevented docile-turned-hostile entities from attempting to block fleeing targets
- Fixed several bugs around the position of carried and allied entities in the world. This should address an issue where thrown objects where hitting objects that didn't appear to be in the target area.
- Made a few area optimizations that hopefully make moving around feel a tad more responsive.


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