2018.07.04 Patch Notes

- Added recruitable mercenaries!
- Added /dismiss command for disolving your relationship with an ally. Can also by done with /bye
- Reworked the Politician class. New ability: Polarize - When a Politician speaks, entities hostile to them will become miserable, and other entities will become ecstatic. Additionally, Politicians can recruit mercenaries without giving them anything.
- Arcane Shrines now reward three scrolls instead of one. If they produce a tome, there will still be just one.
- NPCs who are not in combat or naturally hostile will now stow items they are handed.
- Reduced the average size of dungeons
- Reduced the time needed to draw/hold an item by half
- /recover will now attempt to restore known spells in the event of a crash.
- Escaping combat against a single entity is now slightly easier, escaping multiple entities is now slightly harder, and the recovery for a failed escape attempt has been lowered.
- NPCs are now subject to the same combat escape rules as the player
- Updated Soldier's Dogged March constitution bonus to account for docile-turned-hostile targets.
- Ranged attackers no longer stumble if their ranged attacks are dodged.
- Searching now uses stamina, and the stamina cost can be reduced by Wisdom. Spelunker's passive search does not use stamina.
- The stamina cost reduction of spellcasting is now determined by Wisdom instead of Intelligence.
- All entities may now have a maxium of 20 allies. Acquiring more will clear the oldest relationships.
- Fixed a bug that allowed an entity's health to go above their intended maximum. This should also address the issue of health bars spilling outside of the window.
- Fixed a crash caused by Rhapsodist's speech
- Fixed a game crash caused by attempting to travel without stamina</p>


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