2018.07.06 Patch Notes

- Added a new class, the Pugilist! They build up a combo counter while attacking the same target, and deliver a devastating blow if all 3 hits connect. If their target dies from the final blow, they are awarded a belt of random quality.
- Added a new class, the Elemancer! They have increased chance to trigger the elemental properties of weapons, and can harness the elements in their armor as though they were weapons.
- Added a few new encounter types
- Started adding factions and castles. Type /guilds to see your affiliations
- Reduced the amount of stamina used to /search
- Reduced the maximum number of allies an entity may have from 20 to 15
- Certain entities are no longer okay with being picked up and carried around by strangers
- Made stealing more difficult with low Dexterity, and much easier with high Dexterity.
- Narrowed down the number of item types possible for fetch quests
- Made a small tweak to Kensai's Samurai Showdown so it will work in more situations and can be used by NPCs


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