2018.07.07 Patch Notes

- Added additional benefit to Duelist - after successfully dodging an attack, Duelists gain Truestrike, meaning their next regular attack is guaranteed to hit.
- Added additional benefits to Juggernaut - when moving to a new area, Juggernauts now have a chance to knock down entities hostile to it. Additionally, instead of having a bonus to break out of immobilization, Juggernauts are now completely immune to the effect.
- Added additional benefits to Equestrian - mounts ridden by Equestrians move at twice their normal speed, the average damage of trample has been increased, and mounted Equestrians stay in the air twice as long when jumping.
- Made dungeon bosses just a little more durable.
- NPCs will now attempt to interrupt enemy spell casts
- Entities must now be standing in order to block the movement of enemy combatants
- The screen shake effect now applies to all damage sources instead of only direct attacks
- Fixed a bug that allowed Fortune Tellers to occasionally be hit by sneak attacks
- Fixed a bug/typo with the Conjure Bread spell
- Fixed a bug that prevented the screen shake setting applying to player damage</p>


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