2018.07.08 Patch Notes

- Added a new class, the Commander! Unique Ability: Galvanizer - Commanders Inspire allies and guildmates around them, raising all of their stats. Additionally, Commander's moods never fall into negative values, and they receive an intelligence bonus for every ally they can see.
- Added additional benefit to Reaper - Reapers now receive health from landing killing blows.
- Reworked Plague Doctor. Unique Ability: Epidemic - Any time a Plague Doctor receives a negative condition, they will immediately copy that condition to every hostile entity they can see.
- Reworked the Witch class. New ability: Wicked Form - Witches make all non-allied sentient life that can see them Uneasy, lowering all of their stats. Additionally, Witches need to eat and drink half as often, cannot be poisoned, and can poison enemies with their basic attacks.
- Modified the Pugilist - Instead of all the effects happening on the last hit of their combo, the effects have been spread out. Landing 3 attacks in a row will daze the target, landing a 4th will stun it, and landing a 5th will knock it prone and deal heavy damage. The stun duration of the fourth hit and damage of the fifth hit have been increased. Additionally, each consecutive hit does more damage than the last.
- Fixed game log error when two entities attempt to grab the same thing at the same time
- Performance improvements


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