2018.07.10 Patch Notes

- Added some more ways to interact with human allies and guildmates. You can now ask them what's in their inventory, tell them to drop or pick up items, and tell them to stow and drop weapons.
- Added combat dummies to outposts and the starting area
- Did some stat balancing. Generally, stat bonuses provided by class abilities were increased.
- Creating a personal waypoint in the same location as an existing waypoint will now clear the old waypoint.
- Injured entities will now eventually lower their guard when combat is over.
- The /spells window now displays spells from scrolls the player is carrying
- NPCs will now wear clothing and armor they are given
- Reduced the time needed to wear armor by half
- Fixed a bug which prevented the Enfeeble spell from using Stamina
- Fixed a bug/crash caused by opening the waypoints window after setting a waypoint indoors


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