2018.07.11 Patch Notes

- Added a new class, the Botanist! Unique Ability: Familiar Phytology - Botanists have access to the Enrich Plant spell, which allows them to turn any plant into a allied Plant Baby. Feeding Plant Babies by hand will cause them to grow more powerful, and the food chosen will determine what abilities they have. Casting this spell while already having a plant familiar will kill the older familiar.
- The immobilization duration given by traps is now indefinite, meaning trapped entities must always attempt to move or struggle before the effect can be broken.
- Reduced the amount of stamina used to search by 50%
- Increased the tick frequency of bleeding by 400%
- Entities will now eventually drop their guard after combat has ended.
- Actions performed while an entity is Exhausted now take twice as long.
- Made some compatibility adjustments that will hopefully help out Firefox users that had trouble running the game.
- Using /give will no longer reset your target to the first possible option (for real this time)
- Fixed log display issue when breaking from immobilization under certain circumstances
- Performance improvements


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