2018.07.23 - Spellcrafting, Combat Changes and More!

This patch introduces the ability to create custom spells using runes, as well as some big changes to combat mechanics:

- A whole bunch of runes have been scattered throughout the world which can be combined into wide variety of unique spells by placing them on the ground and typing /makespell. You need at least 3 runes to craft a spell, and the maximum number of runes that will combine into a single spell is 10. Well over 34 QUADRILLION combinations are possible, and some of them might even be good!
- None of the existing spells are being removed, and special spells that exist outside of spellcrafting will still be added regularly.
- Entities now have a limit to the number of spells they can know at once, typically determined by their class. A few classes no longer have access to spells. Spells that a class starts with are not counted against the number of spells they can learn.
- Elemental damage and stat-changing effects are far more prevalent in the game now, so several classes have been adjusted with this in mind:
--- Blacksmiths no longer heal from fire damage, and are instead immune to it.
--- Fishmongers now gain their benefit from swimming, being wet, OR being near active water magic.
--- Pit Fighters are now completely immune to being stunned.
--- Juggernauts are now completely immune to being immobilized or knocked away by force spells.
--- Gambler's Gamble spell now only imbues negative effects
--- Added a new class, the Spellthief! Spellthieves immediately learn any spell they are hit by, and gain stamina from taking magic damage.


Some aspects of combat were a little bit more cryptic than intended, so some systems and features have been consolidated.

- /dodge and /guard have been removed from the game, and similar benefits have been folded into the game's directional attack system:
- Starting a high attack puts the attacker in an Offensive stance. Entities in offensive stances deal more physical damage and have a chance to stun their target, but are more susceptible to critical hits. High attacks are no longer slower or less accurate that other attack directions.
- Starting an attack from the left puts the attacker in a Defensive stance. Entities in defensive stances deal and receive less physical damage, are more accurate with physical attacks, are more likely to block with a shield, and are more susceptible to being pushed to the ground.
- Starting an attack from the right puts the attacker in an Evasive stance. Physical attacks directed at a entities in an evasive stance are more likely to miss, and have a chance to make the attacker stumble, delaying the start of their next action. Attacks from evasive stances are less accurate.
- With these changes in mind, a few classes have been adjusted to align with the new mechanics:
--- Ragamuffin's Stick Fingers ability now triggers when an enemy stumbles while the Ragamuffin is in an Evasive stance
--- Jester's Comedic Tumble ability now triggers when an enemy stumbles while the Jester is in an Evasive stance
- The base chance to hit has been slightly increased.
- Stun and Immobilization effects no longer stack duration. These affects can only be re-applied once an entity has successfully recovered from them.
- Damage and health have been rebalanced across the board, allowing smaller stat increases to have more of an impact
- Strength now plays a role in stamina cost reduction for most actions outside of spellcasting
- Ranged weapons now do more damage at range, and considerably less damage in melee combat.
- /push is now a little slower, fails against entities that are casting spells, and now interrupts the target in addition to knocking them to the ground when successful


- Added /forgetspell to forget learned spells
- Added /wearall which dons as much armor, clothing, and weapons from your inventory as you have capacity to wear. The default hotkey is [ Shift + W ], and the hotkey for /setwaypoint has been moved to [ Shift + P ]
- Added some status effect text for certain class effects like Reaper and Scholar so it's more obvious when their class abilities are active.
- Added several new enemy types with unique spell element and type preferences
- Added /abandonquest to the help menu
- Increased the armor and weapon variety of most entities in the overworld
- Gave NPCs a few more speaking roles
- Changed the behavior of /inspect to search both your inventory AND targets, with inventory taking priority. If your Nearby list has 5 targets and you have less than 5 items, typing '/i 5' will inspect the 5th target. Partial word matching also works for both lists, so you can type something like '/i shed' to inspect a Wooden Shed.
- Applied the partial word matching from last patch to /selfcast
- You can now ask allied humans what spells they know
- Relaxed the requirements for crafting masterwork items
- Runes (formally known as essences) are no longer stackable.
- Removed references to several items that are no longer available in the game
- Fixed a bug that prevented Potters from using stamina when crafting clay items from the earth
- Fixed a visual bug that caused the explosion effect on the map to linger longer than intended
- Fixed a bug that prevented stunned entities from recovering as quickly as intended
- Fixed a game crash caused by attempting to equip an offhand item you are already holding
- Fixed a ton of other bugs and probably made just as many along the way


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