2018.07.24 Patch Notes

- Added additional benefit to Gambler - When Gamblers destroy a Small Chest, there is a 50% chance they will be rewarded with a Big Chest.
- Added additional benefit to Kunoichi - Increased the bonus damage of Kunoichi attacks from stealth
- Added additional benefit to Kensai - Kensai now get a higher than usual critical strike chance against opponents in offensive stances
- Added additional benefit to Engineer - Engineers now have access to the Repair spell, which allows them to restore the durability of damaged items.
- Reworked Gunslinger. Unique Ability: Gunfighter - Gunslingers don't suffer damage penalties when attacking at close range with ranged weapons, can use ranged attacks while in the same cell as their target, and have an increased chance to dodge ranged attacks while airborne. Additionally, their ranged attacks ricochet and hit secondary hostile targets.
- Made a slight adjustment to Scoundrel - any trap Scoundrels SET will gain their dastardly benefits, not just traps the Scoundrel created.
- Added craftable net items that immobilize targets when thrown.
- Added some new threats to the overworld
- Added more rune locations
- Made some adjustments to the way wooden resources are claimed. Most logs and planks have been removed from the world, and trees now drop wooden logs more reliably. Using an axe to cut down trees is faster and yields more logs.
- Made some adjustments to the number of spell slots certain classes have
- Made some adjusments to how hostile entities pursue targets outdoors vs indoors
- Started implementing class-specific behavior for NPCs.
- Beam spells no longer affect targets in the same cell as the caster or target
- Arrows no longer require sticks to craft
- Due to the increased strength and utility of animals and mercenaries, the maximum number of active allies any given entity may have has been reduced to 5.
- Fixed a whole slew typos and errors made during the spellcrafting update.
- Fixed a bug which prevented butchering from working and items from disappearing when destroyed
- Fixed a bug which prevented traps from being properly deactived when stepped on


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