2018.07.25 Patch Notes

- Added benefit to Homesteader - Homesteaders now produce roughly twice the amount of materials from butchering
- Added benefit to Brewmaster - Water damage caused by Brewmasters has a chance to inflict intoxication
- Reworked Jester - Unique Ability - Comedic Balance - Jesters cannot be knocked prone, and attempts do so will cause the Jester to bounce back up, damaging enemies and restoring mood and stamina to allies. Additionally, Jesters recover from stumbling twice as fast.
- Rift Dancer summons now count as guildmates (G) instead of allies (A). This means they'll still fight for the Rift Dancer, but won't follow them around or count against their ally total.
- Added a ton of new names to the name generation pool (thanks, fantasynamegenerators.com!)
- Adjusted the Intoxicated condition - Intoxication now decreases attack accuracy, dodge chance, dexterity and wisdom while increasing constitution and charisma. It is still classified as a negative condition.
- Runes are now stackable.
- NPCs will now stand when woken prematurely.
- Reduced the average amount of armor enemies wear


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