2018.07.26 Patch Notes

- Added benefit to Bodybuilder - Voluntarily changing positions will now cleanse one negative status effect, and the bonus Charisma they get from being without clothing has been increased.
- Increased the intelligence per ally bonus Commanders receive.
- Reduced the damage of failed Kensai instant kill strikes
- Added some distinctions between different types of ranged weaponry:
--- Bows now have a chance to keep the shooter hidden when used from stealth
--- Crossbows now have a chance to inflict bleeding
--- Firearms now have an increased chance to interrupt their targets
- Increased the damage of ranged weapons
- Changed the usage of quivers - Quivers no longer prevent ammunition from counting against inventory space. Instead, they increase an entity's rate of fire when worn.
- Fired ammunition now respects line of sight, and will hit the first object on its flight path that is larger than the target. If the target is not standing, the ammunition will hit the first object that is at least the same size as the target.
- Ranged weapon attacks no longer have a chance to stun targets
- Raw food now recovers less stamina than before, and prepared meals now recover more.
- Fixed a display issue with objects in indoor spaces. The white dots should now be a more reliable indicator of which tiles have large objects on them.


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