2018.07.30 Patch Notes

- Increased the chance of finding ore from ore nodes
- Increased the damage of most weapons by roughly 25%
- Made a few changes to fighting with two weapons:
--- The accuracy penalty for attacking while holding an offhand weapon has been increased, and is more dependent on the size of the offhand weapon than before. This penalty can be offset with Strength.
--- The parry chance has been increased for attackers using two weapons
--- The recovery time for getting parried by an opponent with two weapons has been increased
--- Attacks made while fighting with two weapons do about ~25% less damage
--- Fighting with two weapons now decreases your chances of being parried.
- Added a few new status effects and runes
- Offensive strikes no longer use more stamina than evasive/defensive strikes.
- Changed the stun and push chance formulas to account for the relative size of the target. Entities smaller than the attacker are now easier to stun/push, and entities larger than the attacker are now more difficult to stun/push.
- Made NPCs a bit more tactical about which direction they attack from
- The Soul effect now drains slightly more stamina from the target and transfers a portion of the drained stamina to the attacker
- Attacking combat dummies no longer wears out weapons
- Slightly reduced the likelihood of coming across runes and removed rune rarities - there is now an equal chance to come across any type of rune.
- Reduced the range of Whip spells
- Fixed a display issue when attempting to /take a single item while out of inventory space
- Fixed a bug that prevented old randomized character descriptions from being removed when setting a new randomized description


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