2018.08.01 - Public Alpha 5!

- Added 10 new rune types, upping the possible number of craftable spells to just under 100 quadrillion
- Made a special exception for Cat Whisperer's cat allies so they don't count against the 5 ally limit
- Made yet another change to the damage formula - instead of dual-wielding attackers doing less damage, single weapon attackers now do more
- Standardized the colors for area magic effects - the status text should be yellow if the spell is detrimental to the entity, and light blue otherwise.
- Mounts are no longer classified as allies.
- Combat dummies no longer stow given items.
- Supressed some messages about non-sentient objects resisting magical effects
- Fixed some spellcasting messages displaying even when the player could not see the casting entity
- Fixed a bug that caused Witches to unintentionally creep out their allies
- Fixed a bug with 'wearall' that allowed the equipping of duplicate items
- Engine optimizations - Firefox users in particular should notice better performance and more consistent styling 
- A ton of other bug fixes I forgot to write down


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