2018.08.15 Patch Notes

- Added /sort command which sorts your inventory alphabetically
- Inspecting equipment no longer describes how your stats will be affected relative to their current values, and instead gives a slightly more detailed account of how that item affects stats in general.
- Increased the likelihood of stumbling when attacking entities in evasive stances
- Reduced the durability of most material types
- Items crafted by the player are now slightly more durable than the well-worn items found on NPCs.
- Reworked the shortcut window - it has been renamed Quick Actions, is no longer customizable, and now provides a dynamic list of options based on your target and environment
- Long names in lists are no longer truncated, and instead take up multiple lines
- Targets outside of the player's immediate area will now have a faded name in the target window, much in the same way distant items on the Nearby list do.
- Recently taken items are now placed at the top of your inventory instead of the bottom.
- Pressing [ h ] will now consistently place the top item in your inventory into your hand
- Fixed area of effect spells not displaying all of the intended text when cast successfully
- Fixed several bugs surrounding destroyed equipment not disappearing
- Fixed a bug that gave enemies some unintentionally powerful weapons
- Greatly reduced memory footprint from long play sessions


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