2018.08.16 Patch Notes

- The player is no longer the only one looking for Key Fragments. New and more powerful entities (both friend and foe) will appear depending on the number fragments the player has.
- Added a capslock warning message. It can be disabled with /capslock.
- In addition to points earned, key fragments collected and days survived are now tracked on the leaderboard.
- Removed the defunct /autokeys command
- Changed the Quick Action window shortcut from [ 0 ] to [ ` ]
- Most game settings have been removed from /help in an effort to make that window a little less daunting. They can still be seen under /settings.
- Normalized keybinding text throughout the game. Lowercase keys will always been represented as [ x ], and uppercase versions as [ shift + x ]
- Hiding the Quick Action window will now prevent the related logic from running, potentially improving performance
- Fixed a bug that allowed chests and the like to be opened from a distance
- Fixed a display bug when attempting to use /carry without a target


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