2018.09.01 - Game Saves, Desktop Versions, Monsters and More!

- ADDED THE ABILITY TO SAVE YOUR GAME! Ugh, finally. All you have to do is type /save. Save files are deleted once loaded, and also upon death. IMPORTANT NOTES: This feature is even more experimental than the rest of FARA, so expect things to go wrong. While saving should work just fine for the browser version of FARA, I recommend using the desktop version for the most reliable experience. It should also be noted that crash recovery is still a completely separate feature that will not recover every aspect of your run.
- Desktop builds are now available for Linux, Mac, and Windows! You can find links on the homepage of playfara.com. Desktop versions are recommended for anyone who has trouble getting the browser version to run. The gameplay experience for the web and desktop versions is identical.
- Started implementing a system for randomly generated monsters! About 50 completely unique monsters are generated per game, and inspecting them will add their details to a monster journal. As you encounter a particular monster more and more, it will become easier to fight, easier to tame, and less likely to be hostile toward you. You can access the monster journal by pressing [ shift + h ] or typing /monsters or /mj.
- Cooked meals now provide temporary stat bonuses in addition to restoring stamina. Eating a new meal will override any existing food-based stat bonuses.
- Added a /salvage command which attempts to recover materials from constructed objects
- Added an /allies command which displays some information about allies in your line of sight
- Added a /note command for... taking notes.
- Added a counter to the Fragments window
- Added a swamp biome
- Added benefit to Chef - Chefs now produce Dishes instead of Meals when cooking which provide their stat bonuses for four times the duration of Meals.
- Reworked Alchemist. Unique Ability: Potent Potioner - Alchemists produce Mixtures instead of Meals when cooking which provide higher stat bonuses for fewer ingredients and can be consumed much faster.
- Characters which are the same species as the player now have a '=' next to their names instead of a "-" in order to quickly distinguish them from other sentient life.
- Players may now carry objects without stowing their held items first. The carried object must still be dropped before performing most actions.
- Most actions that require specific items to be in the player's hands (like fishing and digging) have had those requirements loosened - just possessing the required item is now good enough in most cases.
- Reduced the amount of damage done to armor and weapons based on the new durability values. Armor and weapons should last longer in most cases.
- Removed a somewhat hidden mechanic that prevented dexterity and constitution bonuses from held items from applying to an entity's score.
- Options on menus can now be chosen by simply pressing the corresponding number instead of typing '/(number)'.
- The "!!" hostility indicator no longer overrides other indicators and is now displayed alongside them.
- The prefix for Rift Dancer summons has been changed from 'Astral' to 'Rift'.
- Re-wrote the way the game handles moving items between inventories in an effort to alleviate some edge cases where items would duplicate or disappear
- Fixed a crash caused by dealing Arcane damage from Font spells
- Fixed capslock warning always showing for symbol keys
- Fixed a map display bug with tiny enemies not showing up while indoors
- Fixed a crash caused by casting spells with guaranteed status effects (hammers, bolts, etc)
- Fixed a few typos, made some new ones
- Many other things, I'm sure

There are a lot of moving pieces in this patch, so things are bound to get weird. Please don't be shy about submitting those bug reports!


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