2018.09.16 Patch Notes

- Added benefits to Haberdasher - When a Haberdasher successfully pushes a target to the ground, they will instantly steal and don any headwear the target had. Additionally, Haberdashers will fly into a rage if a hat they possess is destroyed.
- Added benefits to Spelunkers - They now passively produce torch light while in dungeons and are immune to being blinded.
- Added benefit to Yogis - The stat bonuses they receive from different positions has been increased
- Added benefit to Alchemists - Throwing Mixtures at enemies will now lower the relevant stats, and throwing Mixtures at other entities will raise the relevant stats.
- Interacting with a Bounty Board after completing all of its tasks will now reward the player with a Key Fragment and a title.
- Destroying a structure will now expose all of the entities inside of it instead of essentially deleting them.
- Thrown objects will now favor the target of the thrower if their target is in the targeted area. There is still a chance the thrown object will instead hit something else in the targeted area.
- The base chance to hit a target in combat has been increased to 100%. This chance is then altered by a host of factors like terrain, attacker and defender dexterity, weapon size, visibility, elevation, and more.
- Increased the dodge bonus provided by evasive stances
- Increased the accuracy bonus provided by defensive stances
- Increased the damage bonus provided by offensive stances and decreased the speed of stance attacks
- Increased the impact of Dexterity on dodge chance
- Being immobilized now dramatically reduces Dexterity.
- Removed most of the randomness from parrying. Parries are now always successful under the proper conditions. Fighting with two weapons gives the attacker a 50% chance to succeed on an attack that would have otherwise been parried.
- Attackers can now only parry attacks directed at them
- Attackers can no longer parry attacks from enemies more than twice their size
- Attacks will now always interrupt attacks from entities less than half the size of the attacker
- Attacking no longer has a chance to damage the weapon used.
- Parries now damage to both the attacking and parrying weapons based on their relative size. For example, parrying an attack from a warhammer with a dagger will deal significant damage to the dagger and little to no damage to the warhammer.
- Adjusted the attack speed of animals. Generally, very small animals attack a little slower than before, and very large animals attack a little faster than before.
- Hunt quests no longer provide a waypoint.
- Fixed a bug that prevented NPCs from using Kick when appropriate
- Fixed an issue with the Blinding status effect only working in about half in instances it should
- Engine optimizations. Moving around should feel a little more responsive on slower machines/browsers.


FARA-linux32.zip 51 MB
Sep 14, 2018
FARA-linux64.zip 50 MB
Sep 14, 2018
FARA-win32-x64.zip 53 MB
Sep 14, 2018
FARA-mas64.zip 48 MB
Sep 14, 2018


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