2018.10.02 Patch Notes

- Added unique benefit to axes - they now have a chance to cleave and deal damage to other hostile targets in melee range. The chance to cleave is determined by the size of the axe. Axes no longer have a chance to cause bleeding.
- Reduced the cast time and duration of the Protect spell
- Entities may now /selfcast just about any spell in the game.
- The target reticle and map dots previously reserved for indoor spaces now also work outdoors.
- Reduced the time needed to butcher/salvage by half
- Butchering can now be performed by typing /butcher while targeting an animal corpse. The original method of attacking the animal corpse with a bladed object remains.
- In order to butcher something with an attack, the entity must now be dead at the start of the attack, hopefully preventing accidental butchering caused by multiple entities attacking something at the same time.
- Fixed a bug which caused dead hostiles to prevent living entities from using stealth
- Fixed a bug that prevented 'selfcast' quick actions from functioning as intended
- Fixed a bug that prevented entities from being knocked prone
- Fixed a bug that allowed entities to be salvaged/butchered from a distance
- Fixed a bunch of typos


FARA-mas64.zip 48 MB
Oct 02, 2018
FARA-linux32.zip 51 MB
Oct 02, 2018
FARA-win32-x64.zip 53 MB
Oct 02, 2018
FARA-linux64.zip 50 MB
Oct 02, 2018


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